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Research Fumigation Company was formed in 1976 when Jack A. Coleman opened an office in the shadow of a large export grain elevator in Westwego, Louisiana. This was an appropriate beginning for the company that was initially formed to service the domestic and export grain industries. The company was a division of McShares Inc. of Salina, Kansas.

Jack Coleman had spent his entire career up to that point in the export grain industry. His intimate working knowledge, contacts, and overall experience within the grain industry proved to be invaluable to the growth and success of Research Fumigation Company. His unique understanding of the grain industry and empathy for the customer’s needs and concerns helped to establish Research Fumigation Company as a fumigation industry leader.

Jack Coleman’s son’s Jay and Jeff started working part-time for the company while attending school, and joined the company on a full time basis in 1978 and 1983 respectively.
An office / warehouse facility was built in 1980 in Reserve, Louisiana and continues to serve as our home base. We added a new corporate office / training facility adjacent to our Reserve warehouse location in 2016.

Jay Coleman opened the Texas office in 1987 to serve the needs of our customers in the western Gulf of Mexico. An office / warehouse facility was built in Pearland, Texas in 1992 and continues to serve as our Texas location. Our Theodore, Alabama location serves our customers in the eastern Gulf of Mexico region.

Research Fumigation expanded its operations in 2005 and started a partnership with John Mueller to form Food Protection Services, LLC. Research Fumigation Company, LLC is also a very proud founding member of the Food Protection Alliance (FPA). The founding group of companies recognized the possibilities and potential that responsible, very progressive, cutting-edge, technology driven, independent, regionally based companies united in a dynamic alliance could achieve. The founding member companies each have unique and respected strengths within their areas of expertise. The FPA vehicle allows member companies to share their individual strengths and experience with other member companies through cross training, new technologies and their application in multiple industry sectors, and by sharing proven safety programs, employee training, and multiple other benefits that years of diverse experience make available to the group.

Research Fumigation Company has evolved since 1976 into a multi-faceted agricultural post harvest commodity custom food protection pest management and fumigation service and sales company. We operate out of locations located in Louisiana,Texas and Alabama dedicated to providing safe, reliable and quality services to our customers all along the gulf coast from Texas to Florida. Our commitment to responsible stewardship of the environment relies on the safe and proper application of every product.


Our company specializes in customized fumigations and ULV fogging services to bulk storage facilities, rice milling operations, food processors, poultry processors, import/export ships / barges / containers / stored grain / railcars / truck trailers, and spot fumigation services to transfer / conveying equipment and machinery.

Research Fumigation Company offers a comprehensive fumigant retention assessment service that uses customized monitoring equipment and data generation to evaluate and then suggest improvements to various facilities and commodity storage structures in order to improve gas retention and efficacy results.


As experts in shipboard fumigations, Research Fumigation partners with domestic and foreign government agencies and private companies to establish accepted methods and protocols for in-transit ship hold fumigation standards and procedures.

The company relies on innovation and education to develop and provide the absolute best products available worldwide, and to continually improve the effectiveness of each client’s pest management program through exceptional service and support.

Research Fumigation Company is dedicated to being an industry leader and active participant in the testing and application of alternative fumigants, methodologies, application and monitoring techniques and pest control products to keep our customers at the forefront of our dynamic industry.

Corporate Headquarters

450 Rosenwald Street
Reserve, Louisiana 70084

P.O. Box BE
Reserve, Louisiana 70084

(985) 536-4932 (24 Hours)
(985) 536-8380 (Fax)

Texas Office

3413 Swensen
Pearland, Texas 77581

P.O. Box 578
Pearland, Texas 77588

(281) 485-4880 (24 Hours)
(281) 485-4710 (Fax)

Alabama Office

3720 Hamilton Blvd
Theodore, Alabama 36582

P.O. Box 53
Grand Bay, Alabama 36541

(251) 443-7300 (24 Hours)
(251) 443-7332 (Fax)

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